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Run Riot

We've found that wineries tend to hate wild boars—they break through fences, root around the vineyards, dine out on the grapes. To that we say: Riot on.

Could there be a better mascot for people like us, the ones who love wine at all costs regardless of rules and traditions? We think those boars are risk-takers. They're rebels. Hate wild boars? That's not us.

Out here on the Central Coast, wild boars are our kindred spirits.

Our wine
run riot wines bold pinot noir from the central coast

Run Riot Pinot Noir

Turning the traditional Pinot on its head, Run Riot Pinot Noir is a sly cacophony of Central Coast flavors from vineyards in Arroyo Seco, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County.

Beginning with restless aromas of dark cherry, spice and smoked meat, notes of black fruit are feverishly pursued by cocoa powder and barbequed spices balanced with bright acid and soft, round tannins on the fortuitous finish.

The 2014 growing season was a warm and dry one thanks to the summer sun, which provided near perfect conditions for a prolific harvest of juicer, more flavorful fruit.

However, young riotous flavors require extra special attention. So, our vineyard blocks were fermented separately to accentuate bold characteristics and build complexity before blending the wine in oak where it refined itself and aged in harmony.

run riot bold buttery chardonnay from the central coast

Run Riot Chardonnay

If you’re bold enough to riot, you better have what it takes to run.

Crafted to be bold enough to match our Pinot Noir, Run Riot Chardonnay is its own swirling Central Coast success story: A big, rich and buttery wine that never loses sight of its liveliness—despite its marvelous mayhem.

Sourced from the Central Coast, our Chardonnay runs wild with select grapes from Paso Robles and Monterey County. The typical mild winters and early springs on the Central Coast create the ideal conditions for bloom while the moderate temperatures allow grapes to ripen at a steady pace, which results in a Chardonnay that is nicely balanced.

Next, our vineyards blocks are fermented separately to accentuate bold characteristics and build complexity, creating tropical aromatic notes and the distinct flavor profile that results in our remarkably rambunctious Run Riot Chardonnay.

run riot wine wild boar for rebellious wine drinkers

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